Doctors Excuse Forms

Doctors Excuses

What makes doctors excuses carry more relevance than say a parents excuse form. If I don't feel like participating in gym class or any other class for that matter why do I need a doctors excuse to excuse me from activity? How about work, why does my employer require a doctors excuse if I just don't feel like coming in for work? Why do we seek excuses?

Doctor's Note

I recently finished a book, "The Pyschology of Influence". In it the author mentions a test that was performed on people waiting in line to make copies (copies of what I don't know maybe a doctors excuse form but most likely not). So they test the people waiting in line three different ways. First they test cutting to the front of the line without giving an excuse. Second they test cutting to the front of the line while giving an excuse. Third they test cutting to the line without an excuse but saying the word because. So what were the results of the study? 93% successful when giving an excuse, 60% successful without an excuse and 93% successful when saying the word because.

So how can this story be applied to work and school excuses? Why lie. There's no need. Maybe the best excuse is to just say, "I can't participate today, because I can't participate."

History of Doctor's Excuses

Doctors excuses most likely came to existance because employers or teachers got tired of accepting excuses from people that were abusing the system. So because of the few that abused the excuse everyone else has to suffer and get real doctor excuse forms, real excuse forms, excuse forms from someone respected in most peoples eyes to be an authority figure, like a doctor.

If you find your self at work always looking for excuses, maybe its time to learn how to make money work for you instead of working for money. You'll be happier and so will your employer (Do you think they're making any money when your not doing your job?).

Doctor Excuse Slips


So for those of you searching for fake doctors excuses, downloadable doctor excuse, or doctors excuse forms for school.  Any excuse doesn't work.  Be honest, don't get a doctors excuse form, or fake doctor forms.  Quit looking for common excuses.  Forget the printable fake doctors excuse, and don't look to print a doctors excuse.  Real doctors excuse's come from doctors.  So don't try and make a doctors excuse.  You will get no note from your doctor here.